Sustainability Policy

Our approach to sustainability is to fully integrate the principles into our business operations. We believe that taking a responsible approach to real estate investment will protect and increase the value of our investments, thereby enhancing returns for our fund investors.

We are committed to implementing sustainable considerations in the investment and portfolio management process through actions such as monitoring, reporting, training and implementing sustainable practices for asset management and operation.

Gaw Capital are committed to achieving the following sustainability goals:

Goal: To take sustainability into account when assessing investment opportunities

  • Sustainability forms part of the due diligence process when assessing possible investments.

Goal: Add value to investments by improving sustainability performance

  • We will create targets and track the sustainability performance of property assets under Gaw’s Management, based on the GRESB and INREV frameworks;
  • We will communicate our sustainability targets and expectations to third party property managers of our portfolio properties, and encourage them to adopt our targets and reporting practices;
  • We will manage and operate responsible, community based projects that facilitate positive interaction with local communities and cultures where appropriate.

Goal: Develop and implement sustainable practices for internal management and operation of assets

  • Implement strategies to ensure a safe and healthy environment for the staff of assets in operation and construction;
  • Provide training to managers and operators on sustainable practices.

Goal: Increase transparency and reporting for our stakeholders and third parties through internal reporting and reporting through third party platforms

  • Implement monthly integrated reporting of property assets under Gaw’s Management, and encourage third party property managers of our portfolio properties to share and report to Gaw Capital, in line with INREV requirements
  • Report and benchmark Sustainability performance on the GRESB Platform, in order to continually improve our performance.

Gaw Capital aims to deliver a sustainable property portfolio through strong management structure underpinned by a collaborative approach to business, which forges and maintains enduring relationships with our staff, investors, supply chain and the communities we operate within.

The Senior Management of Gaw Capital are committed to establishing, promoting and maintaining a culture of sustainability within our business and with broader stakeholders.

This Sustainability Policy will be reviewed annually, and if updated, will be communicated to all staff.