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중국 주요도시 (상하이,톈진, 선양,광저우) 임대면적 1,025,000 sqm (약310,062 평) 규모의 첨단 시설 갖춘 물류센터
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Project IDC, cities in mainland China

Project IDC is a portfolio of projects in partnership with China Internet Data Center (“IDC”) developers and operators to acquire, develop, and operate identified IDC seed assets and pipeline projects, majority of which are in Tier 1 cities in China.
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포시즌스 보라보라

포시즌스 보라보라 리조트는 보라보라섬 북동쪽에 위치한 2008년에 오픈한 호텔로 107개의 방갈로와 빌라로 구성되어 있으며 추후 총 면적 18,362평 확장 계획.
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Toyobo Building, Osaka

Centrally located Grade A- office building located in Dojima, a 10-minute walk from Osaka-Umeda, Osaka’s Prime Central CBD.
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플로렌시아 아울렛,텐진(우칭)/광저우/상하이/무한

플로렌시아 빌리지는 중국내 명품아울렛 개발과 운영을 플랫폼으로, 이탈리아 Fingen Group 의 부동산 사업 계열사인 RDM Group 과 합작설립됨.
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Skybridge HQ, Shanghai

Located in the heart of Linkong Economic Park and designed by world-famous architect Zaha Hadid.
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123-151 버킹엄궁 로드

런던 빅토리아 지역에 위치한 약 11,241평 규모 (400,000 sqft) 모던한 A급 고품격 오피스 건물
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Euro America Financial City (EFC) Tower 6, Hangzhou

Designed by Foster + Partners with a LEED Gold qualification.
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14 Tai Koo Wan Road & 12 Tai Koo Wan Road, Hong Kong

Two 22-storey Grade A office buildings in Hong Kong Island East District, 14 Tai Koo Wan Road & 12 Tai Koo Wan Road 4 enjoy a full sea view and direct indoor access to Taikoo Shing MTR station and CityPlaza shopping mall. 
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DUO Tower and DUO Galleria, Singapore

A premium grade-A office asset with ancillary retail in Singapore.
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