What does Sustainability mean to Gaw Capital Partners?

At Gaw Capital Partners, we align with relevant United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) and our business priorities to curate our ESG objectives

To maintain our buildings’ overall ability to provide a comfortable, healthy, and productive environment over the long term without negatively impacting the environment.
To create shared value for our communities and culture and improve people’s lives and neighborhood communities
Effective corporate governance allows us to succeed in the long term and manage a wide range of sustainability issues. We are committed to a high level of business ethics for the benefit of our stakeholders.

사례 연구

Pacific Century Place, Beijing, China

Pacific Century Place received a LEED Existing Building Gold certification and LEED Core and Shell Gold pre-certification due to several environmentally friendly features that enhance the development’s sustainability.

Green Loans: DUO Towers, Singapore

United Overseas Bank (UOB), DBS Bank and Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore)

Sustainability Policy

Our approach to sustainability is to fully integrate the principles into our business operations. We believe that taking a responsible approach to real estate investment will protect and increase the value of our investments, thereby enhancing returns for our fund investors.

세부 묘사

지속 가능성 가이드 라인

Gaw Capital은 부동산 투자에 대한 책임있는 접근 방식이 투자 가치를 보호하고 향상시켜 펀드 투자자의 수익을 향상시킬 것이라고 믿습니다. Gaw Capital은 많은 펀드 투자자들이 책임감있는 경제적, 환경 적, 사회적 (이후 "지속 가능성"관행이라고 함)의 구현을 탐구하는 데 관심을 공유하고 있으므로 투자 및 포트폴리오 관리 프로세스에 지속 가능성 고려 사항을 통합하는 데 전념하고 있음을 인식합니다.

세부 묘사