Gaw Capital Partners Joins Forces with Aurabeat to Donate 300 units of Medical Grade Anti-Covid-19 Air Purifier to the Elderly Homes in People’s Place


Hong Kong, 20 Feb, 2022 – Gaw Capital Partners announced today the firm is partnering with Aurabeat to provide air purifiers that kills 99.997% of the coronavirus to the elderly homes in the People’s Place, a retail portfolio comprising of 29 neighbourhood shopping centres spanning across Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories. Through this partnership, Gaw Capital Partners will donate 300 units of Medical Grade Silver Ion Antiviral Air Purifier to the Elderly Home in People’s Place. Gaw Capital Partners hopes this initiative will provide the elderly and the underprivileged with additional protection in their living space, while fighting the challenging fifth wave.

Besides the donation of the anti-viral air purifiers to the elderly homes in the People’s Place, Gaw Capital is also exploring to implement Covid-19 air purifiers across its worldwide real estate portfolio to provide safe and clean air indoors. The Aurabeat’s air purifiers have already been deployed in highly infectious environments such as various Covid-19 sample collection points and quarantine facilities in the government and Hong Kong public hospitals.

Mr. Kenneth Gaw, President and Managing Principal of Gaw Capital Partners, said, “Amid the challenging fifth wave, we are taking action and partnering with Aurabeat to donate 300 units of medical-grade air purifiers that are designed to sharply reduce exposure to Covid-19 indoors to the elderly who can truly benefit from them. We will continue to monitor the pandemic situation and aid the city’s anti-epidemic efforts to fight against the fifth wave.”

Hong Kong-based Aurabeat has created an air purifier that can eliminate over 99.997% of variant Covid-19 in 36 seconds. Aurabeat’s AG+ Silver Ion Antiviral Air Purifier cleans the air up to 3.4 times in one hour while actively eliminating bacteria and viruses. The air filtration device can complement indoor coronavirus precautions like mask-wearing and social distancing, or offer additional protection in residential spaces where people are less likely to wear masks.

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 About Gaw Capital Partners

Gaw Capital Partners is a uniquely positioned private equity fund management company focusing on real estate markets in Asia Pacific and other high barrier-to-entry markets globally.

Specializing in adding strategic value to under-utilized real estate through redesign and repositioning, Gaw Capital runs an integrated business model with its own in-house asset management operating platforms in commercial, hospitality, property development, logistics, IDC and Education. The firm’s investments span the entire spectrum of real estate sectors, including residential development, offices, retail malls, serviced apartments, hotels, logistics warehouses and IDC projects.

Gaw Capital has raised seven commingled funds targeting the Greater China and APAC regions since 2005. The firm also manages value-add/opportunistic funds in Vietnam and the US, a Pan-Asia Hospitality Fund, a European Hospitality Fund, a Growth Equity Fund and provides services for separate account direct investments globally.

Since 2005, Gaw Capital has commanded assets of US$32.6 billion under management as of Q3 2021.


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