Gaw Capital Partners initiated the corporate donation and partnered with Tencent Trusted Doctors to donate 10,000 sets of Family Doctor Smart Kit Solutions which worth RMB 5 million to primary care organisations during the outbreak of COVID-19 in February 2020

Gaw Capital Partners and Tencent Trusted Doctors jointly donated 10,000 sets of Family Doctor Smart Kit Solutions, worth RMB 5 million, to primary care organizations in China for monitoring respiratory infection which may have been caused by the coronavirus.

This kit allows primary care organizations to effectively monitor cases of respiratory infection at home and allows immediate reporting of coronavirus infection when detected. The access it provides family doctors online helps to disseminate official and appropriate advice for combating, and preventing panic about, the disease. At the same time, it relieves the workload of frontline medical staff in hospitals while providing an effective way of inspecting suspected cases.

The kits are applicable to people who have respiratory diseases – even if they have not been to infected areas in Wuhan – people who are suspected or confirmed of having the infection, and those who have been treated in the same facilities as coronavirus cases. The family doctor online service includes monitoring, 24/7 online medical consultation and electronic copies of relevant documents, and doctor referrals. The kit helps monitor a patient’s body temperature, SaO2 level and the degree of C-reactive protein (CRP).