Commercial Platform

The management expertise of this integrated development and management platform covers all aspects of the retail and commercial real estate lifecycle - from initial investment analysis, conceptualization, planning and design, to subsequent project and property management, leasing, marketing and shopping center management services.

Hospitality Platform

GCP Hospitality manages over 39 hotels and serviced apartments and 7500 keys around the world with an enviable reputation in the hospitality industry for providing asset management, hotel management and business development of the highest standards. GCP Hospitality is the hospitality arm of Gaw Capital Partners.

Development Platform

As the asset management arm of Gaw Capital Partners, the Development Platform focuses on property development and management of middle to high-end residential properties in second and third-tier cities in China. The platform operates a strict management and internal control system covering from land acquisition, design & construction management, sales & marketing to leasing & operation management.

Logistics Platform

Gaw entered into a partnership with Vailog China in Q4 2014 to acquire, develop and manage modern logistics facilities in China. The Platform has circa 100 professionals with strong in-house expertise covering the full spectrum of business development, investment, construction, leasing and property management.

Internet Data Center (IDC) Platform

In partnership with local leading IDC operators and developer, Gaw Capital Partners’ IDC platform targets to acquire, develop and operate data centers in China. By September 2020, the total equity raised for this platform is close to US$1.3 billion. Gaw Capital Partners provides expertise in project development, financing, corporate governance and capital markets to support future operation. The first seed project is the Huaqiao Project located in Kunshan, Jiangsu, which is near Shanghai. The project consists of two phases with a GFA of 300,000 sqm in total.

People’s Place

Gaw Capital Partners, through its funds under management, and its consortium partners, acquired 29 Hong Kong-based community shopping centers and associated facilities in March 2018 and March 2019. Gaw Capital Partners officially started to operate over 29 assets and facilities near the public estates and established “People’s Place”. “People” stands for the public and the residents, whereas “Place” here is an allusion to the idiomatic Chinese term for a location of virtue and tradition, as well as a well-governed community; “Place” also connotes the solidarity of the local neighborhood. All in all, “People’s Place” stands for a place rich in sentiments and compassion, bringing strangers together in constructing a vibrant, cozy living environment. People’s Place aspires to transform obsolete commercial facilities into vibrant community hubs by creatively utilizing its space and bringing brand new experiences to residents, tenants and community stakeholders. The 29 shopping centres managed by “People’s Place” include H.A.N.D.S, Shek Lei Shopping Centre I & II, Kwai Fong Plaza, Tai Wo Hau Shopping Centre, Kwai Shing East Shopping Centre, Kam Tai Shopping Centre, Lions Rise Mall, Lee On Shopping Centre, Tsz Ching Shopping Centre, Kai Yip Shopping Centre, Shun Tin Shopping Centre, Tsing Yi Shopping Centre, Cheung Hang Shopping Centre, Yung Shing Shopping Centre, Lei Cheng Uk Shopping Centre, Lai Kok Shopping Centre, Shan King Commercial Centre, Lei Tung Commercial Centre, Wah Ming Shopping Centre, Chun Shek Shopping Centre, Ap Lei Chau Estate Retail And Car Park, King Lam Shopping Centre, Ming Tak Shopping Centre, Wah Sum Shopping Centre, Wang Fai Centre (Wang Tau Hom), Siu Hei Commercial Centre, Fortune Shopping Centre, Tai Ping Estate Retail And Car Park.

Education Platform

In partnership with experienced educators in China, Gaw Capital has invested in the development and operations of Stellart International School of Arts (SISA), an international arts education platform in China. The platform is initially seeded by a commercial site conveniently located in Sanshan New Town in Nanhai, Foshan, which has excellent connectivity nationally via the Guangzhou South Station. The site has a GFA of c.50,000 sqm in total. Operating under the SISA brand and developed by Gaw Capital Partners, the school houses up to 600 full-time high school students in its 6-storey tall academic block and 7-floor dormitory. Other Gaw education investments span from preschools to education bonds and education technology. Gaw Capital Partners provides expertise in project development, financing, corporate governance and capital markets to support future operation of education projects.