Gateway Real Estate Funds

Gaw Capital Partners has defined its business by focusing on high barrier-to-entry markets by capitalizing in a number of targeted markets.

Separate Account Investments

Gaw Capital Partners has been providing global direct investment services to strategic institutional investors since 2010. In addition to leading the acquisitions process and due diligence, Gaw Capital Partners can also provide debt financing advisory as well as asset management in such transactions.

Venture Capital / Private Equity Investment

Since 2016, Gaw Capital Partners, through its fund under management and separate accounts, has deployed over US$ 450 million in equity, with a primary focus on real estate related operating and technology companies across the Asia region. In 2021, Gaw Capital closed its Gaw Growth Equity Fund I to continue investing in thematic platforms that are synergistic to Gaw Capital’s wider range of operating platforms under management.

Credit Investments

Private credit has been growing rapidly in the credit markets. GAW Capital Partners have established its private credit platform in 2020 which offers an alternative stream of high carry income mainly backed by real estate assets.