Kunshan Data Center Phase 1, managed under Gaw Capital Partners & Centrin Data Systems, named Carbon Neutral Data Center Innovator

Kunshan Data Center Phase 1, managed by Gaw Capital Partners & Centrin Data Systems, was named as a “Carbon Neutral Data Center Innovator” at the Data Center High Quality Development Conference 2021 hosted by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT) and the News Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. In 2019, Gaw Capital Partners formed a JV Partnership with Centrin Data Systems to acquire, develop and operate a portfolio of hyper-scale IDC projects in China.

Since 2019, Kunshan Data Center Phase 1 has been successively evaluated as a National Special Industrial Demonstration Base (Data Center Category), Demonstration Project and National Green Data Center. The company has adopted energy-saving technology applications, clean energy procurement, low-carbon management systems and management strategy, and soil carbon sequestration, as well as other methods to help achieve the goal of carbon neutrality.

The Centrin Data Systems and its data center park operators will create a large data center cluster with high accessibility, robust security and low carbon emissions through the implementation of effective low-carbon management strategies and cooperation with the renewable energy supply side during the full life cycle stage of site selection, development, design and construction, as well as continuous operation.