Pacific Century Place, Beijing

Pacific Century Place received a LEED Existing Building Gold certification and LEED Core and Shell Gold pre-certification due to several environmentally friendly features that enhance the development’s sustainability.

The conversion of a once barren podium roof into a lush roof garden not only provides occupants a rare outdoor public space with vegetation and sports facilities, but also reduces the heat level by using better solar reflective paving materials to minimize the impact of the climate. Interior green walls at the main entrances further enrich the environment.

Considering Beijing’s rampant air pollution, better indoor air quality is a key attraction with 95%+ efficiency PM2.5 filters installed in all ventilation systems. The building is also energy efficient, enhanced by the podium and apartment towers’ upgraded façade with better insolation, and the use of time-controlled LED lights for all interior and exterior lighting.

New water-efficient plumbing fixtures have reduced water consumption, with the complex using on-site treated wastewater for irrigation and flushing.
The project preserved as much of the structure as possible to conserve resources and reduce construction waste, extending the building’s life cycle. During construction, an erosion and sedimentation control plan and air quality management plan was implemented, which minimized its environment impact.