Risk Management

ESG management process

Gaw Capital’s corporate governance capabilities are reinforced by taking persistent and substantial measures, such as conducting comprehensive pre-acquisition due diligence, active monitoring of investments, and observing industry principles. At the preliminary stage of a deal, ESG factors are evaluated by the investment team which then collaborates and interacts with other teams such as the Finance and Legal Team during the review process.

Upon the approval granted by the Investment Committee, ongoing monitoring measures such as engagement of third-party consultants and ESG reporting are in place to ensure that the existing ESG practice adheres to the industry standards, and to increase transparency and the alignment of interests among the stakeholders.

Compliance and Risk Committee

Our Compliance and Risk Committee has been established to formulate actions and measures to enhance risk management and compliance standards. The members of the Compliance and Risk Committee comprise senior executives from the Capital Markets, Investment, Asset Management, Legal, Finance and Compliance teams.  The Compliance and Risk Committee meetings which are chaired by the Chief Operating Officer are held at quarterly intervals. The meetings provide an oversight to the senior management regarding the critical business issues including ESG considerations involved.

In accordance with its terms of reference, the Compliance and Risk Committee is responsible for reviewing the regulatory compliance, code of conduct compliance, risk management compliance and risks including operational risk and market risk on a continual basis to ensure that the Company’s operations and practices observe both the substance and spirit of our corporate governance standards.

Additionally, Gaw Capital has initiated an internal audit function with a view to maintaining a sound risk management and internal control system. Gaw Capital’s internal auditor will prepare internal audit reports and monitor the implementation of recommended actions with a view to complying with recognized standards and achieving continuous improvements.